Philip Harrison

Specialties: Special Needs Training

Philip discovered his love of physical fitness in high school where he swam competitively. He took his passion for swimming and shared it with his students with special needs in the Special Olympics and as an assistant coach. After high school Philip maintained an active lifestyle by competing in triathlons. He continued to merge his two passions of special education and fitness by running a triathlon to raise money for a local volunteer special education program.

Recognizing his patience and skill for teaching, Philip began volunteering for various programs that specifically catered to students with special needs. He earned his RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) certification in 2017 and is currently a Special Education Teacher at the Educational Partnership for Educating Children in Paramus.

In 2010, Philip began training at ONE Fitness Performance Center in Northvale, New Jersey. This is where he met Angelo Mazza and began to train in various martial arts with a focus on Taekwondo.

With over 10 years of experience working with special needs students, Philip began training students at ONE Fitness Performance Center. Philip believes that the physical training not only gives them an outlet for their energy, but also allows them to build confidence in a safe and accepting environment. He hopes to continue to give his students all the tools they need to grow both in and outside of the classroom.